Est. 1888

We are one of the
world's leading
manufacturers of
high and ultra high
performance tires.

It started in Belfast, Ireland, in 1888, with an idea
that forever changed the way the world rides.

John Boyd Dunlop's son is struggling to ride his tricycle. To
make the child's ride more comfortable, Boyd fits his tricycle
with tires made of canvas bonded with liquid rubber. Boyd
patents what turns out to be a very big idea,


Dunlop immediately patented his idea and started to develop his invention into a commercial venture, founding what quickly became known as the Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Co. Ltd. In 1890 Dunlop opened its first tyre plant in Dublin, Ireland and three years later its first tyre factory in mainland Europe


Dunlop produced it's first tires in japan in 1913 and Sumitomo Rubber was established shortly thereafter, in 1917.


The company started out as a small trading firm in Sept. 1, 1958, importing surplus automotive parts for retail and distribution. It gradually become known for its quality goods and fair prices. The firm eventually expanded to importing tires, becoming a pioneer in the Philippine tire imports Ind.